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Gamification & Education to Nurture Intrapreneurship at Enterprise

Genie' innovative training on Intrapreneurship converges also on the GENIE game:
TRAINING will be developed:

  1. Following Cedefop guidelines for Learning Outcome
  2. Considering the alignment to EQF (initially envisaged at level 3 to 5, maybe upgraded to 4 to 6 depending on the results of PR2)
  3. In multiple languages for transferability, adoption and scalability
  4. According to a “modular approach” by which users can take modules independently as self-standing units or as a continuum, depending on their learning preferences, time availability, etc.
  5. Case study based: modules will provide as many case studies, examples and lessons learned as possible to make the training as concrete and direct as possible
  6. With an accompanying validation mechanism, fully online, administered through the platform. Each Module will come with a test that users can take to validate their level of competency and acquisition of the competence. The validation can be a test, quiz, multiple choice, etc: the format to be defined depending on the structure/format/content of the Module
  7. With a mechanism for users to obtain and print their “Attendance Certificate” and “Validation Badge”: users can access the platform without login requirements.