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The Intrapreneurship Program — unleashing new talent at TEB
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TEB's Intrapreneurship Program, introduced in 2014, encourages staff to work on the bank's strategic problems, such as digitizing its financial services, to give them the push they require to come up with original ideas in important areas. The intrapreneurs oversee the development of their initiative from beginning to end if it is chosen. They manage feasibility studies, finance, concept creation, and even a pitch to a panel of experts. With 336 candidates in 2017, an increase from 156 in 2015, the program is growing more and more effective.

Every year, the Program finalists come together for TEB's Hackathon, which is intended to speed up the internal innovation process, an opportunity for intrapreneurs to collaborate with other TEB staff members and start working on their concept. All project stakeholders—IT, legal, operational, and other teams—work with the intrapreneurs over the course of two days to advance their projects and identify areas for development using a variety of methods. 

In addition to the Hackathon, staff members take additional courses in design thinking, problem solving, and pitching to broaden their skill sets and foster their entrepreneurial abilities. Finalists then deliver their presentation to the Jury, which is made up of management personnel and outside specialists, at the end of program. Each winner is given a sponsor, who will guide the intrapreneur through every stage of creating their project.

Winners then finish their training by traveling to Silicon Valley and taking part in sizable innovation-focused events as they wait for their product's official launch and the beginning of another success story.