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Suite & Decalogue

Gamification & Education to Nurture Intrapreneurship at Enterprise

This is the last piece of the GENIE puzzle that completes the picture for complete adoption, mainstreaming of GENIE in the ecosystems of VET and microenterprises (MSMEs) across Europe, and full roll-out of the training and boardgame.
This project result is structured into 2 main elements:

  1. The “GENIE Adoption Suite” that is the set of guidelines for users in microenterprises and in the VET system to uptake, adapt and adopt the GENIE training and boardgame. The Adoption Suite is developed taking into account the feedback of the partners implementing the GENIE and of users/learners using GENIE.
    Those feedback and inputs allow for a validated product in a real operational setting.

    The Suite includes:
    1. Teachers’ notes for the coaches/trainers/teacher in VET system to use the GENIE training and deliver it to their cohorts of learners depending on the VET setting (initial, continuous, higher / formal, non-formal)
    2. Instructions of use and rules for the boardgame
    3. Optimal delivery of the boardgame
    4. Models of integrating GENIE in corporate activities, such as team building, retreats, etc.

  2. The “Intrapreneurship in Microenterprise VET Decalogue” is the operational document that is meant to be the “Call To Action” for the stakeholders and representatives of the worlds of VET, micro entrepreneurship development/promotion/support and microenterprises and their staffers. The “Decalogue” is the operational document that pushes for the model of intrapreneurship and its adoption in the plethora of micro-businesses operating in Europe, with the strong belief that there is an unexplored potential and innovation capacity sitting idle in European MSMEs that could be triggered and activated by intrapreneurship.