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Genie Game


Game objectives

GENIE is a game for employees and managers from micro, small and medium companies, for consultants and multipliers from the most diverse areas of our economy and society. The game has been designed with a clear objective: to showcase the value of intrapreneurship in an entertaining fashion, since it strengthens the innovativeness and competitiveness of both companies and their employees. In this way, employees can assume an active and committed role, to improve processes and implement jointly defined goals on their own responsibility.
The GENIE game is all about innovation, agility and enthusiasm within a company that has internalized the core aspects of intrapreneurship versus the competition, which is rather classically managed - without a high degree of employee participation.
You are the GENIE team. Collaboration is the only way to beat the competitor.

Game Elementes

• The GENIE game board
• 2 game pieces (the GENIE team and the competitor ones)
• 1 dice
• 44 Chance cards
• 55 Question cards

Game preparation

• Take the game elements out and arrange them in front of you
• Place the question and the chance cards next to the GENIE board - with the front side (text side) facing down
• Place both game pieces on the square aptly named “start”

Game rules

• Take turns to roll the dice within the team.
• Basically, you as the player only move the GENIE game piece.
• Only your wrong answers will result in movements for the competitor.
• The player’s piece is moved forward as many spaces as the dice indicates.
• If players land on a white square, nothing happens.
• When your piece lands on a question square, draw a question card, read it aloud, and discuss a common and agreed answer as a team. If the answer is correct, you stay on your square If the answer is incorrect, the competitor moves forward as many squares as you rolled before instead. If the competitor moves to a question square, you may answer the question card for him: if you answer correctly, the competitor remains on the square and you continue to roll the dice as normal. If you answer incorrectly for the competitor, then the competitor moves forward the same number of spaces as before. If the competitor moves forward to a chance field, the required activities will be performed
• When you land on a chance square, move the game piece as described on the card.
• Start a new turn.

End of the game

• The GENIE team will win the challenge if they finish before the competitor.