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Gamification & Education to Nurture Intrapreneurship at Enterprise

GENIE has the very clear and concrete objective of “contributing to the competitiveness, growth and innovation of micro and small enterprises through the development of innovative training tools, solutions and content”. This overarching objective of the project is then articulated into specific objectives of: - upgrade VET provision with innovative content on entrepreneurship development - develop new VET solutions and gamification - improve the involvement of MSMEs’ staff in the growth and competitiveness prospects of enterprises - enhance work-based learning opportunities for people already in employment and new entrants into labor market through jobs in MSMEs GENIE is a project inspired by gamification and intrapreneurship for enhanced VET solutions in support of microenterprises’ competitiveness. The acronym of the project is not accidental: our project recalls the “magic spirit” traditionally depicted as imprisoned in a bottle (or oil lamp), and capable of granting wishes when summoned by scratching the bottle/lamp. With great imagination from partners at proposal writing, our project is innovative as it has the ambition of being a “GENIE in the lamp” for many microenterprises across EU. GENIE has a strong gamification component, but not in the “traditional” meaning of gamification. GENIE’s approach to gamification is based on the concept of innovative Human Resource Management model of engaging and enticing staff members within an organisation to come together and experiment with innovative techniques of teamwork, role play that culminate into intrapreneurship GENIE requires – and produces EU added value thanks to it – a truly transnational collaborative effort to:

  1. Materialize the transnational confrontation and exchange between different entrepreneurial realities. GENIE brings together countries that have a strong connotation of microenterprise and can each contribute greatly to creating a European product thanks to the diversity of the partners representing different approaches to the same challenge (think of Germany, Italy and Spain)
  2. The diversity of the organisations represented amplifies the cross-border dimension of GENIE: all partners are VET providers (in different environments and contexts), and all of them are involved in entrepreneurship support
  3. The diversity above materializes in a truly cross-border and transnational dimension allowing GENIE to broker the exchange from and between different realities, methodologies, working mechanisms and entrepreneurship models GENIE brings together different perspectives of entrepreneurship, VET, services for MSMEs. This is a great innovation at process level, as the cocreation among those entities will empower our GENIE to become a powerful tool for micro & small enterprises to be more competitive thanks to intrapreneurship GENIE develops new training solutions, modules and content that is Cedefop compliant (for learning outcome) and aligned with EQF.
Moreover, GENIE is an operationalization of the EntreComp Framework as it blends intrapreneurship with elements of DIgComp 2.1 and EntreComp Frameworks of the EU Commission. More, GENIE also benchmarks its training tools and solutions with other EU relevant tools, such as EURES, Europass and ESCO