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Intrapreneurship hope, hype and reality: Discovering intrapreneurs within organization
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Learning outcomes

Objectives and goalsClick to read  

At the end of this module you will be able to:

• Encourage employees for intrapreneurship
• Know more about intrapreneurial traits and benefits
• Recognize possible intrapreneurs within organization

Discovering intrapreneur within organization

How to encourage intrapreneurship?Click to read  

An organization should look for ways to encourage creative behavior in its surroundings:

To achieve this, Employees may be given more flexibility to "experiment" with how they approach projects under an implicit culture. Or, it might be a more overtly controlled setting where they're actively encouraged to innovate, like: 

• Idea fairs where designs or concepts are shown
• Rapid design problem-solving sprints in the spirit of a hackathon
• Account for sandbox funds to purchase time or employ collaborators to construct prototypes
• Reserve some time for innovation and work on side projects.

Intrapreneurial traits

Part 1: Innovative + flexibleClick to read  

Innovative - They always seek out new and improved methods of doing things. Some people could be pushed to look out ways to make current procedures or goods more swift, affordable, or effective. Others completely think outside the box, looking for novel solutions and approving fresh concepts.

Flexible - This way of thinking rejects complacency and rigidity. It's crucial to have a top-down commitment to doing whatever has to be done rather than being content with doing things the same way over and over again. Both are individuals who are equally at ease making decisions on the fly as they are donning numerous hats.

Part 2: Intellectually curious + persistentClick to read  


Intellectually curious - All jobs involve ongoing education, but these people will go out of their way to learn what they don't already know. It's a never-ending drive to develop their own abilities as much as it is a need to observe what others are doing in order to act differently.

Persistent - Both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs never give up on what they seek because they know that failures and mistakes are a necessary part of the process of learning and growing. Both moving on from errors and learning from them, as well as refusing to accept "no" as an answer, are crucial.

Characteristics of intrapreneurs

DynamicClick to read  
Developers of ideasClick to read  
Drivers of changeClick to read  
DeterminedClick to read  
DedicatedClick to read  
DiligentClick to read  
Identifying intrapreneurs

Identifying intrapreneursClick to read  

A combination of all three qualities can be used to identify entrepreneurs in your organization, but depending on your existing systems, points 1 and 2 above may be very time consuming to determine. 

Benefits of intrapreneurship

Benefits of intrapreneurshipClick to read  
Summing up

Summing upClick to read  

Well done! Now you know more about:

• The difference between intrapreneur – entrepreneur
• Discovering intrapreneurial minds
• Characteristics of intrapreneurs



Intrapreneur, Intrapreneurship, Innovation, Change Management, Discovery


This module will prepare you to know more about intrapreneurial skills and how to discover employees with intrapreneurial mindset.

At the end of this module you will be able to:

• Encourage employees for intrapreneurship

• Know more about intrapreneurial traits and benefits

• Recognize possible intrapreneurs within organization


This module includes information on how to identify intrapreneurs, their characteristics and traits as well as how to encourage them at work. It ends with


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