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GENIE Multiplier Event in Brussels with an International Cohort of Participants

IHF asbl proudly hosted a GENIE project’s multiplier event, a dynamic and collaborative gathering that unfolded on October 12, 2023, in Brussels, Belgium. This networking event, designed to foster meaningful discussions and collaboration about intrapreneurship and innovative business, attracted 15 international participants, creating a diverse and engaged cohort.

The event kicked off at 14:00 with a warm welcome and an efficient registration process, setting a positive tone for what proved to be an insightful day.

The agenda unfolded seamlessly, guiding participants through the landscape of the GENIE project. Beginning with a deep dive into the project’s background, partnership composition, and objectives, the event provided a comprehensive overview of the expected impact and long-term vision. The structured agenda then transitioned into a detailed exploration of the work plan, including the work breakdown structure, project milestones, and anticipated results.

The focused sessions on Project Results 1 and 2 (PR1 and PR2) showcased the tangible outcomes of the GENIE project. Participants gained insights into the GENIE OER Platform and the GENIE Innovative Model, paving the way for informed discussions on the project’s innovative contributions.

A well-deserved coffee break provided a networking opportunity, allowing participants to refresh and engage informally. The event resumed with a focus on Project Result 3 (PR3), specifically highlighting the GENIE Innovative Training and Gamification components. This segment offered a detailed exploration of how these elements contribute to the project’s overarching goals.

The final structured segment, a dynamic Q&A Tour de Table, encouraged active engagement between participants and the IHF team. This interactive session allowed for clarifications, insights, and collaborative exchanges of ideas, adding a participatory dimension to the event.

The event, targeted at organizations working for business and innovation, as well as representatives of education and research, successfully attracted participants from various European countries.

Participants expressed their satisfaction with the innovative content, tools, and resources presented during the event. All attendees showed commitment to disseminating the GENIE project results within their networks and organisations.

In summary, the GENIE networking event in Brussels, meticulously orchestrated by IHF asbl, served as a fruitful platform for collaboration, dissemination of project information, and the exchange of valuable insights. The commitment demonstrated by participants bodes well for the project's future success and impact within the European context.

For media inquiries and more information on GENIE project, please visit the project website: https://genieproject.eu/index.php