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GENIE Project Reached its Target Groups at the Multiplier Event held by IDP

IDP European Consultants hosted a successful networking event and workshop with a diverse group of 20 participants, primarily representing local MSMEs, educational and vocational training organisations, and business support services sectors.

The event commenced with a warm reception, facilitating a smooth registration process and setting the stage for collaborative discussions. Following this, an insightful overview of the workplan and project background unfolded, delving into crucial aspects such as the composition of the partnership, objectives and goals, expected impact, long-term vision, work breakdown structure, current state of play, and next steps.

A highlight of the event was a dynamic presentation utilising the GENIE OER Platform, offering a comprehensive analysis of project results, including the GENIE Innovative Model, Training, and Boardgame. Participants gained valuable insights into the innovative field of intrapreneurship, enhancing their understanding of the tangible outcomes of the GENIE project.

The event concluded with an engaging and informal Q&A session, providing participants with the opportunity to actively interact among others and with the IDP European Consultants team. This session encouraged the exchange of clarifications and valuable insights, fostering a collaborative and participatory atmosphere.

Representatives and staff from MSMEs, VET organizations, and support services actively participated, highlighting the event's inclusivity and relevance to the core targets of the GENIE project. The commitment demonstrated by participants underscores the potential impact of the project in fostering intrapreneurship in MSMEs.

Positive feedback from participants indicated a high level of satisfaction with the practical and valuable content, emphasizing the innovation and user-friendly nature of the platform.

The GENIE multiplier event in Italy, organized by IDP European Consultants, served as a valuable platform for disseminating project information, fostering collaboration, engagement, and knowledge sharing among participants. The event successfully advanced the objectives of the GENIE project and promises a lasting impact on the field of intrapreneurship.

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