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GENIE Multiplier Event presented in Málaga: A workshop on useful resources for enhancing intrapreneurship

Within the framework of the GENIE project (Gamification & Education to Nurture Intrapreneurship at Enterprise), co-funded by the Erasmus+ Commission, Internet Web Solutions, together with its associated partner Arrabal-Aid, hosted the Workshop on useful resources for enhancing intrapreneurship on May 3, 2023. This session served to explore how to promote intrapreneurship in European companies through training modules, case studies, and digital tools.

The associated partner Arrabal is highly regarded in Málaga for its training and employability policies, to the extent that many of its locations are provided by the Málaga City Council.

The project, along with its objectives, implementation methodology, and the collaborative partnership involved, was thoroughly presented. Specifically, the four Intellectual Outputs (IO) and the resources already available on the multilingual OER platform at https://genieproject.eu/ were presented:

IO1: OER platform for intrapreneurs and SMEs, serving as a repository for all project outcomes.

IO2: Final report of the innovative GENIE model for intrapreneurship in micro, small, and medium enterprises (SMEs) titled "Intrapreneurship in Microenterprise: The GENIE Model & Innovative Pedagogies."

IO3: GENIE Innovative Training and Gamification:

  • GENIE Training program to foster intrapreneurship in companies, comprising 11 training courses and 11 case studies in 6 languages (English, Croatian, Spanish, Italian, German and Swedish).
  • GENIE Game, which is a game designed for employees and managers of SMEs to showcase the value of entrepreneurship in an enjoyable manner, enhancing innovation and competitiveness for both companies and their employees.

IO4: GENIE Adoption Suite (currently under development), which will provide guidelines for users in micro-enterprises and the VET system for adopting, adapting, and implementing GENIE training and the board game.

The Multiplier event brought together 20 participants representing the target groups, who were impressed by the practical and innovative content of the project. Arrabal technicians, who work in local business and training ecosystems, were also present. The functionality of the platform was presented through practical demonstrations, as well as the training available, providing users with a comprehensive knowledge of the content and tools developed for the GENIE project. Digital materials and the online board game were showcased, and feedback and impressions were collected during a final brainstorming session.