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The internationally operating consultancy firm d-ialogo has been successfully operating for 16 years. We are focusing on demographic change, change management of SME and workability of staff and management.
d-ialogo was founded by Hans-Jürgen Dorr, an economist with interest in the development of entrepreneurs and the development of companies in cooperation with the staff.
Clients include SMEs, especially in the manufacturing industries, german national and state ministries, municipalities, insurance companies, trade and industry confederations and others.
Hans-Jürgen Dorr and his team worked extensively on Erasmus+, Equal and Adapt projects (financed by the European Commission).
He is one of the leading experts around demographic change in Germany.
d-ialogo assists institutions in the development and implementation of qualifications and trainings through state-of-the-art technologies, methodologies and learning solutions. One focus tackles the issue of curriculum writing, foremost the entire development of the Demografie-Lotsen and workability trainings, on behalf of the german government.

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