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CCG Clever Collaboration Group

CCG Clever Collaboration Group (CCG) is changing the way people work together by unleashing the inherent power of organizations for development towards more sustainable business and communities through digital support, strategic management & coaching, and education.
The CCG network was established as early as 1995 by pioneers in digitalized work processes, group developments, workshops, and other strategic processes. These pioneers started CCG Europe Ltd in the United Kingdom in 2010. 5G Continuity AB was established in 2009 and took over the CCG brand in 2013 and transformed it into Clever Collaboration Group Europe AB.
CCG Europe AB is committed to a strategic level in society. As early as 2007, the company's founder, Pierre Wettergren, was involved with ISO in the development of ISO standards for public safety. He engaged himself within “ISO Security & Resilience” which includes Continuity Management, Information Security Management, and other international standards for the benefit of society's security. Over the years, CCG has received several national and international awards such as "Security Consultant of the Year in Sweden 2013" and "Highly recommended - Business Continuity Management Consultant in the World - 2013".
Today, CCG has consultants in Sweden and via partners representation across the globe, all with specialist expertise in business and community development, continuity and risk management, innovation, human rights and health & work environment, and with the mission "Rethinking Change" CCG seek to change the way people work together – all for the goal of making this world a better place.

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