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Associazione professionisti Finanza Decentralizzata - Officina DeFi - a.p.s.

Officina DeFi is a non-profit association for social promotion dedicated to the world of technology, innovation, innovative soft skills, Web3, and decentralised finance (DeFi). The organisation is built upon the contributions of passionate young volunteers who have spent years within university communities, the online sphere, and events across the country. In March 2023, they united to form a social promotion association aimed at deepening research in these fields, providing education and training, and promoting awareness. The mission is to shift the perception of technology, innovation, and finance studies from quick gains to a domain of dedication, learning, and progress. Officina DeFi operates in main areas:
• RESEARCH: The team comprises young experts and enthusiasts specialising in various finance sectors, trends, and technologies. Together, they offer a comprehensive overview of the innovation landscape, continuously studying, comparing, and deciphering significant trends.
• EDUCATION AND TRAINING, AND DISSEMINATION: OfficinaDeFi offer a wide range of educational initiatives, both online and offline, catering to individuals at different levels of expertise and target age groups.

OfficinaDeFi relies on a dynamic network of young members and volunteers, enabling us to offer both horizontal and vertical education effectively. OfficinaDeFi create high-quality educational materials and deliver engaging, stimulating lessons.

Officina DeFi is at the forefront of the innovation revolution, inspiring people to embrace education and training in the finance and new technology sectors. The commitment to promoting soft skills, including research, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship, empowers individuals to successfully navigate this complex ecosystem.

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