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The VHS Ahlen is the municipal further education institution for the towns of Ahlen, Drensteinfurt and Sendenhorst. It fulfills a public educational mandate on the basis of the NRW Continuing Education Act. The educational and program content is geared towards individual educational levels, the interests of the population, local and regional characteristics as well as socially relevant topics and educational tasks.
The adult education center enables all residents to engage in "lifelong learning" regardless of their nationality, religion or social background. We stand for personal development, critical thinking, tolerance and the teaching of skills for taking on social tasks and social responsibility. These are prerequisites for coping with the constantly changing demands of the world of work and for the further development of our democracy. The VHS contributes to the expansion of existing qualifications and the reduction of educational disadvantages by creating a high-quality offer.
The VHS is open to everyone, especially residents over the age of 16. Its offers are aimed at individuals as well as groups, organizations, clubs, associations, churches, schools and companies, which can also approach the VHS as clients as part of the "Education on Demand" programme. Target groups that are particularly addressed by the VHS are women, senior citizens, residents with a migration background, refugees, people with disabilities, illiterate people and people without school-leaving qualifications.
The strengths of the VHS are its expertise in developing current thematic offers, modern teaching methods, flexibility, good organization, expert advice and customer service. This is guaranteed by qualified full-time and part-time staff. This also includes experience and ideas in setting up and developing cooperative events and projects. In addition to the basic financial resources guaranteed by the NRW Continuing Education Act, the VHS also has access to the infrastructure provided by the participating local authorities.
Continuing education is successful when the participants have achieved their individual learning and development goals or the desired qualified (certified) qualification. However, learning also means promoting creative, lifelong learning that is not only oriented towards economic constraints and can then be successfully applied in practice. Further education should be fun and aim to expand personal, social and professional skills.

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